Andrew said: "Having recently moved to Suffolk from London to start a new business venture I was feeling stressed, lost and confused. I knew I had to do something and came across Hugh. After just one fantastic massage session I slept soundly and woke up with renewed energy and a clear mind, ready to tackle the things that yesterday seemed insurmountable but today are just the challenge of business. Hugh, I cannot thank you enough"

Kevin said: "A massage session with Hugh is a luxurious experience but it is not a luxury - it is an investment to help relieve the stresses and strains of a busy, modern life style. Hugh, you have revived my awareness of the amazing power of touch. Thank you, Kevin, Ipswich"

Wendy said: "Hugh is, without doubt, the best masseur I've ever had and, believe me, I'm an a veteran of many wars. I'm half afraid to recommend him too much in case he gets so busy that he can't fit me in any more!

Charlotte (aged 15) said:    "Cool"

Jason said:"I found Hugh by recommendation of a friend. I am a young man and at the time I was suffering from stress, which was effecting me personally and was not able to sleep well or relax and had a lot of tension. I also excercise a lot, such as taking part in marathons and swimming etc and had numerous aches and pains as a result of this. I went to Hugh's studio, which is in wonderful settings in a quiet and private location. The interior of the building itself is calming and it is a professional studio only for Hugh's work. Hugh spent a lot of time with me and was able to get me to relax well and go into a very calming and rested state where I was able to let go. The massage treatment itself eased a lot of my tension, aches and pains and was very relaxing and very satisfying experience. Hugh created calming sounds with gongs and singing bowls throughout the session, not to mention Hugh's calming voice. I would Highly recommend Hugh to anyone who is feeling stressed or just needs to relax. I have been to a number of so called professionals before and I know a professional and someone with special skills and I can say that is Hugh. I have seen Hugh a number of times and although I no longer suffer from stress, it is a magical experience and I will certainly will be back." 

Tony Said: "I very much value Hugh's approach to massage as he is interested in you as a person and takes account of your general well being in his assessment. On my first visit, he was careful in taking necessary health information and I found his explanation about massage most helpful. During the massage Hugh explains what he is doing and why which enables a more understanding experience."

Ian from Berlin said:  "Thank you for my massage yesterday! I don't know what happened but last night when I went to bed my mind was totally uncluttered and both my body and my mind were in a deep state of relaxation. I haven't felt that is years! A Big Thank you and I will definately be back to see you."

Deborah said: "Massage was brilliant - shoulders a bit sore as you said they would be, neck fine and swallowing well (blockage all gone)! Thank you."

When recommending a friend Charlotte said:    "My friend needs a huge cheer up as well as an AMAZING massage! I am sure you can help her as much as you help me :) xx"

Wilhelm from Denmark said: "Hugh, you certainly know what you are doing with your hands!"

Sebastian said: "I first visited Hugh after a very tough skiing season with everything aching and a stress level off the scale. Being disabled (half a leg down) I’m never sure of how a masseur is going to respond. I need not have had any such concerns with Hugh, he totally put me at ease, was thoughtful in the way he approached our session and left me feeling completely relaxed." 

Dave said: “Massage was an amazing experience. Hugh will tailor massage to your requirements and to suit your comfort level. Certainly felt relaxed by the end of massage. Very enjoyable”.

Peter said: "Having looked through the internet, I chose to book an appointment with Hugh because of his breadth of experience. One of the first things I said to Hugh was that when I have a massage I like it when the masseur is not afraid to use a good amount of pressure - so that I actually feel like I have had a massage! Hugh certainly fulfilled this request and more importantly, throughout the massage, he monitored how I was feeling and checked to make sure the pressure he was using was just the way I wanted it. Hugh's depth of experience and professionalism was obvious and combined with the use of hot stones, I could not have wishes for a better, more effective massage. It was both theraputic and relaxing. Needless to say that since having this massage I have been back to Hugh every week. Thanks Hugh!!"

Sarah said: Thanks so much for such a fabulous treatment. No bad dreams last night & feel great this morning - just back from a lovely ride on the horse & felt much straighter and looser in the saddle! You are a true wonder with magic hands! See you in a couple of weeks! It's my Birthday today so even better to be feeling so good! A Big Thank you x

Ron said: Many thanks for a brilliant relaxing massage yesterday. Just what I need to rebalance.

Tom said (after his Hypnotherapy session to stop smoking): Hi Hugh just a little note to let you know how I got on after the session, well what can I say I slept like a baby the whole night through got up this morning and had breakfast and didn't even think about having a smoke my other half said she has never known me to sleep as deep or to snore as much as I did last night thanks again mate will see you soon Tom ............

Adrian said: GREAT massage, very relaxing and very well executed, it was certainly well worth the visit. You studio is lovely, warm and relaxing. I loved the wonderful smoothing sounds and amazing lighting, great experience. I felt really great after your massage.  It eased away all my stresses and aching muscles. I will be back to see you again very soon!